Audit staff. Expert review.


how Much your business strong
sellers, you know?

According to statistics, only 10% of retail managers effective. The others are either untrained or unmotivated, or generally not suitable for sales.

Last is the biggest problem because nothing depends on you. They have no innate ability to sales.

What would you do, results will not wait.

Audit vendors is an effective way to bring order to your sales!

Your income depends on sellers. To understand their capabilities and to predict the contribution of each to your business, you need expert evaluation of staff. And in some cases it will need without delay, if:

Your managers sell
sell Your managers on a daily basis, and only from time to time
Your managers sell “under duress”
Your managers sell only the cheapest products from the range or only at a discount
Sell your managers depend on mood, weather, horoscope for the week, etc.


your business have these problems?

Maybe Your company is still among the 90% whose trading managers are not effective enough.

to get a list of the top 10% of successful companies, you need an x-ray of internal resources and potential sellers from a Recruiting PRO!

If you are seeking:
– to get more profits;
– to grow and reach higher levels of development;
– play in the Premier League business and not to stagnate.

Your staff need to sift, filter, and keep only those who are really able to bring you profit.

SHOW US YOUR sales STAFF, AND find out IF HE KNOWS how to SELL

After an expert assessment of your sales managers, you will understand:

sociable How much a person?
Properly communicate with customers?
As he has the ability to persuade?
is he Able to learn all the features of the product?
the potential and how best to disclose?


We work in 3 stages:

Check your staff will work on the post of sales Manager: testing, exploring personal characteristics of staff (doing it qualified psychologists-socionics).
Prepare for you expert conclusions.
Give recommendations about each of your seller.

Advise, where whose potential is better to use. Explain who gives you the most income, and to whom you should pay your salary.

All stages can hold both stationary and remotely via video conferencing online. As you prefer.


the results of our work you will learn:

– place each of your seller;
– strong and weak sides, perspectives, aspirations and incentives of each employee;
– compatible your sellers with the leader and other team members;
– what position can you offer to the Manager, who are not inclined to sales;
– who from your sellers is better to change jobs;
– how to quickly and effectively solve a conflict situation in your team of managers.

Only until March 31, 2016 special offers, can you make it?

1. Apply, pay and get a 30% discount on the service “audit of the sales staff”;

2. Free testing is one seller with complete description and characteristics.

Why should we trust the audit staff?

Recruiting PRO is a team of specialized psychologists-socionics with 10 years of practice for the selection of vendors.

This experiment allows to clearly define the most important – the potential of man, his capabilities and the ability to sales.

the Perfect sellers, we picked up over the last 5 years for your own business needs, made sales worth over $ 10 million.


With the auditor’s conclusion regarding sales staff, you will be able to:

to determine the capabilities and potential of his team, rebuild it if necessary
to predict more accurately the prospects and to build the right business strategy
to improve the efficiency and quality of sales by eliminating factors that reduce your profits
to be better than competitors – more to sell and to earn, hurry to move forward and grow

Order an expert assessment of the vendors and will lay a solid
the Foundation for future wins to your business!