Education and Motivation

Why your business essential well
trained and motivated sellers?

Because your profit depends on sales, which provides sales staff in your company. Even if your product is high demand and you have set an attractive price, without an effective team of salespeople, you don’t get results.

regardless of specialization, every Top company has an effective team of vendors who are able and willing to sell. Coca-Cola, Volkswagen, Nestle has relied on sales staff, and I was right!


do you Want your sales staff:

Selling many
Sold expensive
Find new customers
Re sold to the previous
Declined to purchase related products?

Then you need to contact a Recruiting PRO. Over 10 years, we not only select the right salespeople, and train them, motivate, provide sales techniques to help you quickly Orient yourself in the work.


  • • Theoretical knowledge. Teach effectively to sell your product or service to the clients;
  • • Practical skills. Show how to properly sell a particular product to a particular client.

we will Develop individually for your company an effective system of employee motivation. Trading managers will begin to seek to sell more and more clearly realizing the main goal of their work.

And Your profit will soar by 20-40 % and more!

As the training and motivation of sellers affects sales results. Directly!

a Properly trained and motivated managers trade significantly increase the financial results of the company in the shortest possible time. Their productivity depends on the knowledge, skills and motivation.

Nice training for sellers gives them a sense of confidence in themselves, they feel capable of more.

They open up new abilities and fresh ideas.

Trainings energize and stimulate people to achieve high results. Each invested in the training of sellers of the dollar will bring you much more.

Effective staff training is definitely a strong investment. Think about it, would be Maradona is a star, if he wasn’t a good coach? Never!

no one will trust the driver to control the train without training, no one will allow the surgeon to do the surgery without the necessary knowledge.

So the seller is obliged to undergo sales training and then constantly improved.


Why Manager training is so important?

If to search the employee on the labour market, to find a specialist with the qualification “Manager” will be easy.

But, unfortunately, the really good sellers of no more than 5-10%. If you find there the real masters of sales of your product? Very, very unlikely!

this is why an important role is played by vocational education and training of sales managers.

Full income is generated only by properly trained personnel.

But don’t forget about motivation!

“If the seller earns 1 cent from the dollar, working according to a plan, having exceeded it, the Manager will earn 2 cents from the dollar. Get a bonus for over-performance and the performance of the employee will fall by at least 17%.”

Thomas Steenburgh, Professor of multilingual personnel
Business school of the University of Virginia (USA)

Employee is not enough to motivate – to motivate you must correctly.

Because the value system and priorities are individual to each person. Most employers only know the method of “carrot and stick”. But not everyone needs a carrot, and not all will act the whip.

Our psychologists will determine the type of character each of the seller and establish specifically what will motivate it to the full.

in Other words, we attach you straight up the remote with the buttons of motivation for each seller separately!


If the seller is unskilled or unmotivated – is not an effective sales

no matter How talented was not a footballer, not to be released Messi or Ronaldo – you need a desire and a good coach. As clever was not the singer, it becomes Pavarotti Iglesias or – need the will and a professional teacher of vocals.

Only trained and motivated managers will be the ideal sellers in your business!


There is a seller who has the goods. But how can I merge them into a profitable combination?

Suppose you have the “right” managers are talented, high-potential and even with experience in the trade.

However, they lack knowledge and effective sales skills. Consider-you have a working sales staff that does not allow you to get all the possible profit. They do not show the maximum and bring in the best case only half of the possible income.

And what is the result?

You invest in advertising, improve the quality of goods or services, offer a corporate service, customers look, but the conversion is not satisfactory.

as a result you buy less than the competition, and only the cheapest goods. Isn’t that what you wanted when you created your business?

Why do you need only a portion of the profits?

Take 100% of ideal sellers from a Recruiting PRO!

3 the skill of the successful vendor, which will acquire your managers with Recruiting PRO:

It’s real, because we equip your sales staff with all the necessary tools for successful trading. Create corporate sales book, which will contain:

– working sales techniques to your product or service, scripts and “chants”;

– an effective system of incentives and penalties tailored to the personal and professional qualities of your employees;

– job instruction;

– corporate culture.

These services can be ordered as a complex or individually.

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  • group training
  • individual coaching
  • consulting

We are ready to hold classes, as in our territory, and with departure to you, as well as online via video conferencing.

Zakazivayte package of services for the training and motivation of sales personnel today – take extra profits tomorrow!

From Recruiting PRO your salespeople will sell more, more, more!