Want to have the ideal HR Manager for sales staff?
Who doesn’t need to equip a workplace, sick pay, to find a replacement for the holidays?

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5 key benefits of outsourcing the sales staff from a Recruiting PRO:


jobs without interruption and downtime.

HR Manager required to provide vacation, sick leave. During this time, you can not fully carry out search, selection or evaluation of candidates for the posts of salesman, sales Manager, sales agent, etc. Every day of absence specialist HR – it damages your company;


reduce costs.

full-time personnel necessary to provide work space, computer, office equipment, social service, salaries and wages, to pay taxes on his income. Your only expense in case of transfer of HR functions to outsource is to pay for our services;


save time.

Trading companies constantly need new “blood” – capable of the sellers with remarkable potential. The HR Manager will not have enough hands to cope with such volumes of work. To take another hiring Manager or let part of the work will remain unfulfilled? In both cases it is necessary to wait for financial losses;



the HR Manager is a universal soldier. It works with all categories of staff and not on the same high level to own all areas of HR work. Our experts are fluent in the socionic and psychological methods of selection of candidates who work exclusively with sellers. The quality of their work is several times higher than the average HR managers;


the selectivity of services.

depending on your needs we can implement a comprehensive staff outsourcing your company – from candidate search to their training, motivation and development of sales Department under the key – or to provide any of these and other services separately.

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