Selection of sales managers

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guaranteed to double the profits of your company?

  • No marketing costs;
  • No investment in modernization of production;
  • No software upgrade;
  • Without wasting time and money on the search for new methods of work.

you know the Answer: due to the efficiency of the staff.

Authoritative thought: according to the results of Survey research O’dell (USA), the contribution of personnel to the company’s success is 51%.

the main thing In business is sales. If no sales means no business. Sales is the only thing that brings real money to your company. No sales – no profits, and therefore, the company expects the damage.


Who strengthens revenue streams?

Who affects the result of sales in your company?

Who brings the most money to your business?

Your business needs Messi and Ronaldo!

strong sales. Comparing business to football, we can say that they perform the function of scorers scoring goals, selling goods or services. These are the people who bring you profit and sometimes profit!

these are people, by nature gifted aptitude for sales, ability to sell, and hence are able to sell anything and anyone. Thus, according to the Carnegie Institution for science, 85% of success in sales depends directly from the seller: his capabilities, skills and ability to communicate with clients.

That such sellers will find you we the Recruitment PRO – a specialized Agency No. 1 recruiting sales staff!


What are the rules in selecting vendors, we adhere to?

first of all, we put emphasis on “who” will sell, and then later on “how” and “what”. PRO recruitment will find you not just people with experience in sales, and those for whom sales is life.

We know many people who really know how to sell. How much a person loves and can communicate? What about his credibility? Is he able to learn all the features of your product?

Thanks to the combination of our experience in the trading business and professionalism of our psychologists, we always select only the most capable individuals who are not only able, but also know how to sell!

For those whose experience is insufficient at a high potential – conduct special training and training. You can contact us and about learning already selected specialists, if they have any problems and we will fix everything that is possible.

what’s the difference between us and normal HR-managers?

It consists in different approaches to the selection of vendors. See the chart, compare and you will become clear.

How to recruit regular staff HR managers How working professionals Recruiting PRO
Compare the potential seller or choose candidates for compatibility with its own character and draw conclusions. Compare the potential candidate with a specially designed portrait of the “ideal seller” under the given position, calculate his chances and draw conclusions.
Pay very serious attention to previous work experience. If a Manager works in sales for a long time – he’s a good candidate. Pay attention to experience, but after personality and psychological characteristics of the candidate, his innate ability and inclination to sales.
Use a standard list of questions about age, gender, education etc. Ask only those questions the answers to which allow to understand the internal motives and the potential of man as a future seller.

Selected us for their needs sales staff for the last 5 years has made sales worth more than $ 10 million.

So select the vendors that should work for you:

Offer 5 categories of sales to suit your needs:

Category* Features Offer in the labour market
1.Perfect seller + has an innate tendency to sales;
+ has considerable experience in the trade;
+ versed in your products.
2.Superproduct + has an innate tendency to sales;
+ has considerable experience in the trade.
3.Good seller + has an innate tendency to sales. 10%
4.The seller in shop, shopping Mall + has a pleasant appearance;
+ knows how to communicate with customers and count money;
+ disciplined, responsible, accurate, polite;
+ age and sex (depend on place of work and type of goods).
5.The seller on demand You formulate its own requirements for skills, experience or abilities of the seller, and we find such a person.
6. Sellers for work with VIP-clients People with impeccable knowledge of the ethics of communication, with such natural talent. These people will not have problems with servicing major customers, to lose them due to lack of ethics of the seller would be a great loss.

* the selected category depends on the salary of the seller and the cost of the service selection.


We will fill for you any trading position:

  • managers to work in the office;
  • field managers, sales agents and other employees who sell outside of the office;
  • sellers on the phone;
  • VIP sellers who specialize in selling expensive goods and services;
  • salespeople in shopping centres and shops;
  • managers of sales Department with sales experience, work organization and personnel management.

Our sales to 200% increase the profitability of the business. Possible!

We recruit talented people with a penchant for sales, high ability to absorb new information, able to work with people. In most cases, these sales managers are extroverts, able to convince other people. Each seller of this type has high ambitions, thirst for self-development, inner “core” and belief in himself.

Mentioned advantages refer to the first – third categories of sellers. On the fourth – it requires other abilities, which we also defined.

Only until February 29, 2016 special offers on this service, you will have time?

1. Apply, pay and get -40% on a service for the selection of vendors by the end of 2016;

2. Will pick up on one seller more than You ordered (in a single order selection 3+ sellers).

Mi guarantee the result!

selected by us If the seller will not bring you the results, we will replace it with another.

Why choose a Recruiting PRO?

Because we know people who know how to sell. Identifying the strengths and weaknesses of the identity of the seller, will compensate the first and strengthen the latter.

  • Have successful personal experience in the trade for over 10 years.
  • Our salespeople have sold over the last 5 years goods and services worth more than $10 000 000.
  • Created effective sales teams – not one, not five, and more than 20 private units.
  • Select staff carefully – taking into account the inner potential, abilities, skills, experience, intelligence and psychological characteristics of candidates.
  • we Use a scientific approach – socionic methods, a typology of personality.
  • the Recruiting PRO team are professionals – certified psychologists, as well as experts, qualified International Institute of socionics.



  1. Help determine the image of the ideal candidate.
  2. Looking for candidates on the database (about 20 thousand persons).
  3. Conduct interviews with candidates, psychological testing, conformity assessment office.
  4. Form detailed conclusions on each candidate.
  5. Provide you with the best possible candidates.
  6. organizing meetings and negotiations.
  7. Monitoring the passage of the candidate probationary period.
  8. Advise you on all stages of cooperation.

Why our services are right for you?

we specialize in sellers. We can help entrepreneurs of any level, regardless of the directions and volumes of business. Will select employees for your small business, and large Corporation.

If you need the right salespeople, please contact the Recruiting PRO!

What you get in the end?

Qualified and efficient sellers

competitive advantage

increase conversion

increase of financial results

personal success and prosperity

The perfect sellers – the tipping point in your business!

Recruiting PRO – the perfect vendors for You!

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