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The company but more 7000
qualey favv W sale.

Have stvorili own eyes vdli prodaju W
rcnm oblom from $2.000.000.

Rosabel more than 50 business projects.

Then you need to do two things:

1. To form a professional team.

It consists of:



possessing a natural aptitude for sales, confident, loving and able to sell, able to work on the result



leadership skills, ambition and experience which enable the effective management of subordinates

Where can I get them?

  • Search yourself among close friends and acquaintances.Guaranteed success – less than 3%.
  • take the Advantage of the usual recruitment agencies, place an ad on the employment website or in local media.Success guarantee – 5% to 10%.
  • Contact the Recruitment PRO. We will select the vendors and the head that will fit perfectly into Your business.Guarantee success – 99% + free replacement personnel in case of failure, a probability of less than 1%.

2. To build an effective system of sales management and control thereof.

It consists of developing:

mission and strategic goals of the company
SWOT analysis
product descriptions and sales plan
organizational structure, key business processes
system monitoring and motivating sales personnel
technical requirements to maintain database of customers (CRM)
technical specification for creating web-site, if necessary – the creation of a website (landing page) under the key

will act on its own, slowly, to avoid risking a fatal mistake, or will help You with the Recruiting PRO – quickly and with a guarantee of success?

the sales Department is, but his work is not satisfactory?

Will conduct a comprehensive audit of sales personnel and sales system, show the weaknesses and help to prevent them.

Our confidence based on experience

For 5 years we have created more than 20 your own profitable sales teams in various business areas, with an annual turnover in the business to 2 million dollars.

Effective sales waiting for you!