About company

Recruiting PRO – the happy case, when a young company in harmony with the experience of the founder and
his team.


Owner and the permanent head of the company Vasily Vovk:

Certified expert on the typology of the personality (socionics), business coach, author of “Ideal sellers”, “How to become a leader in the window business.”
Author development search employees and interviewing candidates based on personality and psychological analysis.
Personally spent over 2000 interviews for the post of “Manager sales”.
took to work in their company around 200 people that have become extremely profitable sellers.
Over 15 years experience sales.
10 years of building a successful company, for the sale of goods and services in window, tourist and other spheres of business, they have a turnover of up to $2.000.000 per year.
Trained sales world-famous business coach Brian Tracy and is a recognized expert in the industry of multimillionaire Alex Yanovsky.


Our team:

– experienced HR managers, specializing on the trading personnel; certified by the International Institute of socionics experts on typology of personality;

leading experts in the field of social psychology and psychoanalysis;

experts are experienced in effective sales.

Our vision:

In life, family, business, society – at any level of the most efficient relationships based on the principle of “win-win”. Each stakeholder needs to be satisfied, needs to get their benefits.

the state’s Flourishing is only possible with constant development of economy.
the Economy is growing rapidly, when running a business.
the Business is working productively if there is a turnover.
“Brisk” trade only where they can sell.
Sales are growing, when it is taken the better.
These sales is what business requires. The ideal sales team will become the force that will push a frozen economy. Sales Manager is an important person in a modern developed country.

Our mission:

to Lead in every business of young, capable, confident people with great potential.

Pass on their knowledge, experience, professional tools for work.

to Build hundreds, and maybe thousands of sample sales, which will work not only in the interests of the private entrepreneur or company, but throughout the country.

5 key principles of Recruiting PRO:

1. In business win practices
2. The main thing in sales is a strong and motivated sellers
3. Managers who don’t sell – a problem that must be solved immediately
4. Socionics and psychology in the hands of the wizard – effective tools in dealing with staff
5. To provide services so that they were really effective and bring You profit. Our goal is to hit the exact “bullseye”