PROductive commercial offers will rebuild you from your competitors


well-written commercial proposal of the enterprise turns into Top.

50% success world’s leading companies (Microsoft, Apple, Google) reached through advertising. Properly drafted commercial offer rebuilds from its competitors and makes the company number 1 in their field.

What will convince a potential customer to buy your product or service and not to pay money to other companies?


it allows you to expand the business and establish profitable business relationships. This is an appeal to potential or existing customers which are of benefit to them, and you profit.

In some cases, you need a proposal?


When you have few customers or you are just starting your business


When your business successful, but you’re held to a higher


When you need a reliable partner that will agree to your terms

Why should you order commercial offer in the Recruiting PRO

will Rebuild you from your competitors. Focus on your strengths and uniqueness. Commercial offer will differ from competitive and your company will pay attention 80% of the clients sector.
Your quotation will reach the TOP professionals. Our team consists of the best marketers and copywriters in the country. We research the market daily and analyze competitors.
We know business from the inside. The owner of the company Vasily Vovk 15 years engaged in entrepreneurial activities. The turnover of it companies – 2 million dollars a year..
Solve the following problem “the experience”. Over the past 5 years our team has sold goods and services amounting to $ 10 million. We know how to increase sales in many areas of business.

Commercial offers from Recruiting PRO

increase conversion by 30%

and rebuild from the competition


As we develop commercial proposals?

Study your business. Consider interests of the target audience, your wishes and make a commercial offer is attractive to customers and partners.
Celebrate your unique features and strengths. The market has hundreds of companies that are similar to each other. They resemble faceless clones that are not interesting to anyone. We will prepare the offer that will distinguish you from your competitors and an incentive to buy your product or service right now.
Write persuasive texts and support their interesting design. Commercial offer attracts the reader’s attention and motivates to action. You will receive an effective tool for selling your products and services.
Free finalizing a commercial offer within one month. If you have additional comments and/or edits, we will add them free of charge.

Our commercial proposals in progress:

network window of salons “Oneliner” For their own needs Recruiting PRO
com-pred-img1 com-pred-img2
Target audience:
top management window of salons.
Target audience:
owners and managers of small and medium-sized businesses.
get more beneficial conditions of cooperation than the current one. To draw up a contract for a long term.
sell recruitment services.
the Method of delivery of the proposal:
the Method of delivery of the proposal:
mixed (e-mail + courier delivery)
• sent 70 emails address. the
• responded 4 potential partner (conversion of 5.7%).
• the company signed a contract for 5 years, which will bring it additional profits
more than $ 100,000.
• sent 1800 emails.
• received 72 stakeholder response (the conversion rate from leads to 4%).
• signed 26 contracts on provision of services (conversion into sales is 1.4%).

Our commercial offer is already making money for:


Book the commercial offer in the Recruiting PRO – remove competitors from the path, increase profits and become one of the leading companies in its niche!