Job Recruiting PRO

a Successful career. Decent pay. Rapid development.


talking about you – young, energetic, ambitious, talented and promising?

So how much time you will spend in search of a better fate?


Play in the best team that you are worthy,

Earn as much as you deserve,

the first international company of online recruitment in the field of sales.

What does PRO Recruiting?

What did us no company! We are looking for or create future stars of sales and send them to do useful work – make money business, itself and the country.

what Our activity looks like.

on one side:

1. First find potentially the best sales staff – people with a significant aptitude for sales.
2. Check their options, as needed teach and propose the best options for dalneigh career development – for FREE!

on the other hand:

1. First find employers who need:

– new strong sellers, effective sales Department under the key or to check already working sales staff;

– the ideal sellers of all the candidates that are available;

– training sales managers;

– comprehensive hr assistance at a distance or directly in the office.

2. Satisfy their needs by 100%.

as a result of our work, everyone wins. And we get great pleasure from the process and a fair fee for its services!

Why you should become part of the Recruiting PRO?

Reason # 1

Because we have the best team!

This powerful train moving forward at high speed. Love the dynamics? Crave development? Want more for yourself? If so, hop on and meet us closer.

locomotive train Recruiting PRO – owner and Director of the company Vasily Vovk:

  • Certified expert on the typology of the personality (socionics), business coach, author of “Ideal sellers”, “How to become a leader in the window business”;
  • Personally spent over 2000 interviews with candidates for the position of sales Manager;
  • hired in his company approximately 200 people that have become extremely profitable by sellers;
  • Business practices 15 years experience;
  • Author development to find employees and the holding of sobesedovanie on the basis of personality and psychological analysis.
  • Trained sales world-famous business coach billionaire Brian Tracy and is a recognized expert in the industry of multimillionaire Alex Yanovsky.

10 years Vasily Vovk creates successful companies that sell goods and services in different business areas and bring a good profit. He is the founder of several retail chains with turnover of up to $2.000.000 per year.

train Recruiting PRO:

Experienced HR managers who focus exclusively on sales force
Leading experts in the field of social psychology and psychoanalysis
Specialists of personality typology, certified by the International Institute of socionics
Qualified professionals on effective sales, etc.

Reason # 2


Because working with us is convenient and profitable!

We offer:

  • work 5 days a week with weekends and holidays and a flexible schedule – you will be able to manage time efficiently, paying more attention to personal Affairs and his family;
  • besplatnyi access to a knowledge base for Recruiting PRO – you will be free to use all of our years of experience and expertise (books, seminars, trainings, etc.);
  • opportunities for personal and career growth;
  • high and timely payment of your work;
  • remote employment and work at a distance for some categories of workers – perhaps you will not be every day to spend time and money on the way to the office and back.

we Have a friendly and cohesive team! Help each other when hard and support when there is a reason for joy.

Reason # 3


I Want to become a leader in their field? Ready every day to work efficiently, overcome obstacles, turn problems into challenges and solve them successfully? Join us!

Our vision

1. Follow the principle of “win-win”. Each person you meet on our way – whether it’s a new player in our friendly and close-knit team, the client, the candidate whether in a sales needs to be satisfied, to get their benefits.
We are committed to this harmony. And you?
2. Follow the iron logic. Sales are growing, when it is taken best sellers; live trade where they can sell; the business operates productively, if there is turnover; the economy is growing rapidly, when the entrepreneurship is on the rise; the country will become prosperous only when a sustainable economic development.
We want to benefit everyone: themselves, you, business, and society! And you?
3. Believe that the future of the business with ideal sellers. They are not somewhere and sometime, but here and now. The perfect sales staff, strong sales managers are the force that will push a frigid business. Very much depends on our actions. And from you too, if you become part of the Recruiting PRO. Ready to take this challenge?

Our mission

Seek and find young, capable, confident people with a natural talent for sales and great potential;
to put them in every business, previously gave them their knowledge, experience, professional tools for work.
to Build hundreds of thousands of sample sales, which will work in favor of private entrepreneurs, small, medium and corporate businesses throughout the country.

Who we’re looking for in your team?

We need people to:

marketing and advertising
– responsible for promotion of services Recruitment PRO in the market
– responsible for recruiting in the company and for our customers
training Department
– responsible for training company personnel and our customers

Department of psychology and socionics
– responsible for psychological typing of personality and providing recommendations during the interviews and other work with company personnel and our customers
– responsible for sales of Recruiting services on the market PRO
IT Department
– responsible for it support for the business processes of the company

Finance Department
– responsible for account financial performance of the company
customer service
– responsible for feedback from customers, resolves disputes, provides technical support for all of the company’s services
a Division
– responsible for the collection, recording and analysis of all statistical indicators of the company

Design Department
– is responsible for the development of business processes of sales Department for our clients