Creating scripts for sales


“I’ll buy this product!”, or Selling the script

Company wall street with the twentieth century use the sales script and are leading in the world market! This allows them to sell a lot, expensive and occupy Top positions in the rankings of Forbes.

What turns a potential customer into a real buyer?
How to encourage people to choose your product or service?
Which eventually keeps him from having to put up or get out of the office your company?

80% of success lies in the dialogue. Your business is inextricably linked to sales, which means you communicate with customers.

an Important well-organized, friendly and informative conversation. This requires the use of “scripts” – the scripts talk your managers with potential buyers.


what’s the magic of selling scripts from Recruiting PRO?

Selling scripts is a set of effective actions and phrases, which focused on effective psychological techniques and the experience of thousands of sellers. A well-designed script will help a Manager to submit your product in the most favorable light and, consequently, increase the number of transactions. Having mastered this sales tool, your sales staff will be interested in the source, configure it to the desired wave and hoisted on a hook.

what is an effective sales script?

1. Acquaintance

From the Manager to greet the client, depends on the duration of the call.

it is not Enough to start the dialogue by saying: “Hello! My name is Bob. Buy my Windows, please”.

2. Analysis of potential client and his needs

In the first seconds of the conversation, the Manager should “test the waters”: to identify the nature of the interlocutor and reasons for purchase.

the Seller will choose the best strategy the conversation and reveal those properties of the product that will help solve the customer’s problem.

3. Mini-presentation or proposal.

the Listener should make sure that his companion was not a crook, but a good adviser. He will not offer to enter into a new financial pyramid or to buy pills, anti-aging for 30 years.

Only an attractive and profitable offer: the person must understand that he offered the solution of actual problems for them.

4. Work with objections

the Phrase “I don’t need it”, “too expensive”, “I’ll think about it and call back” is the greatest enemy of a sales Manager. They occur in 70% of conversations, because it is human nature to doubt.

5. The conclusion of the transaction

There are trade managers that can easily and quickly learn, well-read people, spend brilliant selling presentations, skillfully handle objections, but don’t sell. They do not know how to close the deal.

This skill is integral to the efficiency of your sales staff.

will Create scripts that will increase sales in your business!

We will train your sales staff to effectively sell. Our team creates scripts since 2004.

Companies using our scenarios for sales, sell more by 20-40%.

In Recruiting PRO staff consists of certified psychologists, certified socionics experts, experienced HR managers, sales trainers and experts in creating and promoting a business. Increase profits using scripts for sales when:

cold calls
calls on the application site or on the recommendations
communicating with customer in person (office or shop)
presentations for potential customers
answers to complaints
conversations with clients who left or have not bought from you
promotions and sales

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