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Talented sales a decent job!

You are energetic, ambitious, persuasive, like to sell, and you’re good at it? Looking to realize their commercial potential or want to change current job? Sent out dozens of resumes, had a lot of interviews, but haven’t found your dream job?

Go to the Recruiting PRO – the first international online company is recruiting in sales! We will help you solve your problem!

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do you Know why you have no luck with a job?

Perhaps you have a story, but the career of the modern seller often looks like this:

and once more he was faced with an irresponsible employer, which has guaranteed employment, timely payment, bonuses, premiums, weekend, holidays – and has not kept his promise.

a Minimum of three times he was offered to join network marketing. He responded to the suggestion or not is not important, important is the result he is looking for work.

No less than five times he promised mountains of gold in infobusiness, Internet marketing, online sales and other quick systems of make money online.

And you faced similar situations?

whatever it was, but all of your career failures connected with methods of search of work, which you were using before the meeting
with staff Recruitment PRO.
Option Charges Expediency
Posted a resume on the Internet


This is an easy and not expensive method:
• Money – 0 UAH. for a regular placement to $2.5 / mo. for priority;
• Time – 2-3 hours on location.
Be sure, the passivity will play against you. Serious employers are looking for active and interested in the employment of workers.
Considering a job on job search sites or read ads in Newspapers.


Traditional method for most candidates:
• Money – 0;
• Time – 10 hours per week.
you Spent the effort superior results. Also keep in mind that more than 80% of established companies, using the services of recruitment agencies. That is, your chances of getting an offer from a good employer from the outset, are reduced in 5 times.
Turned to Recruiting PRO


the easiest and Most convenient way:
• Money – 0;
• Time – up to 20 minutes for an interview online.
for 2 weeks* you will be employed.

*If you pass the interview and will be approved as a candidate.

Which option do you choose for yourself?

the fastest, Most convenient and expedient?

Fill out the form and wait for the interview!


Working with us, you get several advantages:

Save time and possibly money. Instead of looking for the job, to pester employers and wait until they call back, you get a job in a company where you need it;
will Meet their career and financial ambitions. Our database contains companies offering salaries ranging from 3 to 30 thousand hryvnias.
Your skills and professional level will be adequately paid;
Get free tips from qualified counsellors, experts on the typology of personalities, experienced HR-managers.
Perhaps you considered yourself a salesman, but in reality you are more suited to the job of a sales Manager in the office of the seller at the Mall or even activities not related to sales.
Recruiting PRO will help you to choose the right direction for career development.

4 steps and you can become a desirable candidate for employers!


First you will fill out a questionnaire so that we can learn the initial information about you. Important! Don’t try to seem better than the people who you really are, to overstate their experience and achievements in sales. We have vacancies for sellers of different levels.

the Interview in the office or via Skype.

So we will identify your talents and potential, identify strengths. It is likely that after a conversation with our psychologists and specialists in socionics, you will learn a lot about your predisposition to this or that work. And it’s completely free!

Choose the right employer.

If approved your candidacy and signing the Treaty on free employment, we will offer you 3 jobs that best fit your current level. You can choose the best!

the Preparation for the interview.

We will help you successfully pass the interview with the employer will advise how to behave during the interview. Moreover! If your knowledge, experience, skills and qualifications do not match the requirements – our sales trainers can increase!

we have everything you need to produce a promising and well-paid job! Ready to try your hand?

What kind of candidates are we waiting for?

If you are energetic, ambitious and sociable, and even if you have no experience in sales but you feel you have a natural talent and sales is your calling.

If you are young, but have already tested their abilities in practice and have concluded that they can sell.

If you’re an experienced seller, but still feel pleasure from communication with each client, not forgetting about the result.

If you are a sales master and can control other sellers.

to Recognize yourself in at least one of the suggested portraits? Fill out the form now and wait for the interview!

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Why the best candidates will apply to Recruiting PRO?

Because we have perfect conditions for employment of sales personnel:

Own a database of more than 10,000 companies of small, medium and large businesses. This database is constantly updated and expanded. Our customers are always in need of fresh footage – talented, ambitious, effective people
Conduct a thorough assessment of abilities, capabilities, competencies and skills of each candidate. We select him for the job, and maximize the opportunities and expectations for payment. If the position of sales Manager the candidate is not suitable – speak frankly to him about it and show probable direction for my future career
Work remotely, conduct interviews online – candidate can communicate with us in any comfortable place where there is a webcam and Internet access. In this case, seek out employers from the region where the applicant
sign a contract and commit ourselves to employ successful candidates who passed our screening
Do all of the above completely FREE for the candidate.

do You like our proposal?

Then you become a candidate Recruiting PRO and will work in the company, which is worthy and to earn as much as you deserve!

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